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A REAL contest with REAL prizes!

[Contest Alert] We've called for a WORLDWIDE boycott against Toys-R-Us because they threatened to sue us! (We're still running the contest, but we aren't planning to change the name!)

Could this be the final outcome?

Marc Johnson contributed a poem.

We have a band!

Major Archaeological Find!

Space Alien Roadkill?

Spumoni Belch online

Despite lack of demand, the Spumoni Belch newspaper archives are now online! (such as they are...)

Green Chile Festival!

From our Vegetarian Roadkill Division!


We got a LinkMonster Best Submission Award on April 2, 1997.

We got an Oddie from SpinnWebe.

Roadkills-R-Us: #29 on ``Whats Hot & Whats Cool''

We made Netscape's Whats New page!

We heartily endorsed the O'Reilly ... Mosaic ... books. We hope the fact that they mentioned us had nothing to do with the fact that they are no longer available!


See us in (frozen) action!

By popular demand.

Road Show

Coming soon to an open air market near you: RRU's Merchant of Venison , Sue Liebeskind. Great deals on the spot, whether you're buying or selling!


Our Server


We now have a link to Page.bizzarE, bizarre pages from theoretically real world, better adjusted people than those in t.b . Judge for yourself.

Old News

Old news (oxymoron city) is still available.


We're slowly adding audio, but only in places where it will truly add to the exciting experience of RRU's web pages, in the same way that bloat adds to a roadkill meal!

The Net

The comp.infosystems.www newsgroup traffic is still offending some people. Our previous recommendation was soundly trounced by a major outpouring of indifference, so here is our next suggestion:
(discussions of need for, hacks to achieve, and long term capability for, lists without bullets)
(discussion of political ramifications of lists without bullets, and whether laws are necessary or desirable to achieve this)
(discussions of need for, desirability of, and hierarchies after, dividing up comp.infosystems.www)
(serves the same purpose as comp.infosystems.www does currently, after all the above issues go to their new groups, until they crop up here in overwhelming numbers)
Remember, all of these are important! Vote early! Vote often!

Our Web Server's Press Release

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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