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We got Barney! (16KB) Coming soon to better frozen foods section. Only two of the eyeballs will be available, but they each provide dessert for 50. Responsible, intelligent, caring parents everywhere are invited to the Eat Barney Party - details available soon!!!

How did we do it?


For the first time ever, RRU presents vegetarian roadkill!!! Call for prices on such delectables as:

Our Server

Various critters have been added to the payment schedule.

An executive's summary of RRU's history.

The Net

The comp.infosystems.www newsgroup traffic is offending some people. Of course, this would be helped if announcements were made in the correct place: comp.infosystems.announce .

But in the spirit of The Net, we are proposing a breakdown into the following categories:

Of course, the html & related groups will likely diverge within a week or two.

Each of these will need to be created within the following hierarchies:

Country, region, state, local, and corporate hierarchies are encouraged.

Remember, all of these are important! Vote early! Vote often!

Last updated: 18 Mar 1994

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