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This was the original announcement of RRU's web site in comp.infosystems.announce on 8 Mar 1994.

Please note that all addresses, URLs, etc, are out of date.

The Roadkills-R-Us WorldWide Web server is now up. What's available?

Coming soon - some new fiction.

As you may infer from the company name, its founder and board [3] have what some people consider a warped sense of humor. If you are likely to be bothered by roadkill jokes or general weirdness, or are a certified Animals First terrorist [4], don't bother.

The URL is

Miles O'Neal
President (deceased)
Box 202254 / Austin, TX / 78720-2254  [ USPS ]                        [ arpa ]!pensoft!meo             [ uucp ]   [ WWW  ]
[1] and unfinished
[2] by its leaders
[3] various brilliant, twisted minds from the Golden Age of talk.bizarre
[4] the animal rights version of feminazis, who would gladly sacrifice a
    few countries to save the life or health (including vacation health)
    of a wounded, rabid, 12 foot, radioactive-biohazardous-toxic-waste-mutant
    scorpion intent on the destruction of all homonid life forms on the

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