"Howdy, y'all. Ah'm fixin' ta mosey over yonder."

What's Here

"Never ask a man if he's from Texas. If he is, he'll tell you on his own. If he ain't, no need to embarrass him."

This is where you get to know me a bit. If that thought bothers you (and well it might) then you are in the wrong place!

I'd love to hear your reaction to any of this - especially the stories, poems, plays, etc in Wired Different and Politically Correct Man! Use the email form available by selecting my email address at the end of this page.

Your picture here!

A lot of people put their photos on the web. Since mine is the face that launched a thousand ships (they fled in terror, mostly without their crews, many ripping their mooring ropes in the process), and since I hate accidentally scaring small children, I have decided to spare you. But, if you have a face you wish to see plastered here, suggest a suitable bribe.

Beyond that, I'm not really a visual artist. The written word and music are more my style, although I occasionally do draw cartoons. I hope one day to wake up and find out that I've been drawing The Far Side or Dilbert in my sleep, and Larson or Adams have been acting as front men, desperately wishing I would wake up before the world catches on and crucifies them on Geraldo. You can read some of my ramblings, of various sorts, in the Shallow End of the Gene Ditch (bring your own bathing suit and research grant).

So... What have you done for me lately?

Esther got married.

I've updated the SKS page a bit.

Lots of updates under various tube and amp stuff, especially the Kalamazoo Field Guide. A few updates under family as well.

I wrote up my near roadkill experience on Diabetes Highway. This is one trip I can't recommend for anyone.

More notes on Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music...

We home schooled. If you aren't familiar with it, or if it always sounded kind of scary, here's a good place to find out a little about it.

Some of my friends at Roadkills-R-Us have probably done something tasteful for you:

OK, ok. The peer pressure has been too much for me. Here's My family portrait

And since it's an election year (it always seems to be one, somehow...) you can vote for my skin/hair combination you like best!

So What do You do in Real Life?

Besides running RRU, I'm a dentist and a politician (here's an idea I can really get behind).