Kalamazoo Amp Field Guide: Model Two

Technical Overview

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For more information on the Kalamazoo line, see the Kalamazoo web pages at http://www.rru.com/~meo/Guitar/Amps/Kalamazoo/ .

Vital Statistics

Model: Two
Year manufactured: 1966?



Output Transformer:




Paul Harker has a very nice page documenting his rebuild of a Model Two (including some good work on repairing the cabinet) at http://paulspage.home.comcast.net/harmonica/kalamazoo_model_2.htm.

Andy Hardy (who provided the annotated chassis photo on the photos page, has a Model Two website which includes photos and sound clips of the hum you get with bad power supply caps as well as clean and dirty harp tones through a Model Two, at http://members.aol.com/andyhardy/index.htm. Andy's page includes a photo of one of my favorite ways to mount replacement PS caps.

Technical Overview ] [ Schematic ] [ Bill Of Materials ] [ Photos ] [ Modifications ]

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