Going Boldly Where No Packet Sniffer Has Gone Before

Roadkills-R-Us and the other environmentally sensitive, high technology vendors who brought ``Scratch N Sniff'' to a web browser near you, are about to do it again, with a greatly enhanced Olfactory Transport Protocol - OTPv2.

OTPv2, as planned, will actually have two parts:

OOTP is a ``physical'' approach - the odor will be objectively defined in terms of PSI (Perfume, Stench, Intensity), which define the actual odor without respect to how one reacts to it. SOTP will be abstracted at a level higher; a ``virtual'' odor protocol will define things in subjective terms, allowing for customization, device choice, internationalization, etc.

This effort, spearheaded by the ISO and collectively known as Odeur Specificatione Internationale (OSI), is generally considered too unweildy to survive.

A Hyper-Odor Transport Protocol (HOTP) is also under development.

Further information will be available at http://www.iso.org/ after their site recovers from an explosion at their skunkworks.

However, both of these efforts may be moot due to the efforts of the O Consortium.