``It's a fragrance system named O, not a system named O Fragrances'' - Jim Futon

The O Consortium, headed by Bob Scheffelera, was formed to control the definition and development of the O Fragrancing System. The O protocol defines a cross-platform, vendor neutral, client-server, buzzword-compliant transport mechanism for the description of fragrances. The first full public release, O Version 11, Release 7 (O11R7) will be available the 1st of April, 1997.

The O Consortium has several current products:

This release will include both server-side and client-side odormaps, the Fetid security system, OEM (the Odor Emanation Manager), and a host of general protocol and security enhancements to replace the last set of general protocol and security enhancements, mostly compatible with the last release.

FTP sites include:

Further information is available at http://www.o.org/ .