Kalamazoo Amp Field Guide: Model 1

Bill of Materials

Component Value Type Qty Vendor P/N
C1, C3 .01uF/400V Mallory 150 2 AES C-MD01-630
C2 .0047/400V Orange Drop 1 AES C-PD0047-400
C4 10uF/10uF/20uF/350V min. Xicon 3 AES C-ET47-450
C5 .022/600V don't need! 0 AES N/A
R1, R2 47K 1/2W carbon film 2 AES R-A47K
R3, R7 2.2K 1/2W carbon film 2 AES R-A2D2K
R4, R8, R11 100K 1/2W metal film 3 AES R-M100K
R5, R6 1M audio Alpha 2 AES R-V38-1MA
R9 330K 1/2W carbon film 1 AES R-A330K
R10 150 ohm 2W metal oxide 1 AES R-F150
R12 1K 1W metal oxide 1 AES R-E1K
F1 fuse holder Fender type 1 AES S-H201
F1a fuse, 1A slow blow 1 AES F-ZS010
J1 1/4" shorting jack Switchcraft 1 AES W-SC-11
J2 1/4" jack Switchcraft 1 AES W-SC-12A
I1 lamp holder & jewel Fender type 1 AES P-L124, P-L121
I1a light bulb #47 1 AES P-47
S1 250VAC/1A SPST 1 AES P-H495
T1 500V CT@65mA, 6.3V@2.5A Hammond 269JX 1 AES P-T269JX
T2 5K:8 ohms, 65mA in [generic] 1 AES P-T31
@1, @2 9 pin miniature tube socket Micalex 2 AES P-ST9-600
@3 7 pin miniature tube socket NOS 1 AES P-ST7-201MX
FA1 bolts, washers, nuts (10 to 20) 4-40 1 hardware
FA2 bolts, washers, nuts (10 to 20) 8-32 1 hardware
V1 12AX7A high-mu, dual triode JJ/Tesla 1 NBS JJ ECC83-S
V2 6BQ5 Power amp pentode JJ/Tesla 1 NBS JJ EL84
V3 6X4 Full wave rectifier Philliips NOS 1 NBS JAN 6X4WA
K1, K2 knobs chicken head 2 NBS K-4
TS1 terminal strips, pkg 5 3 lug 1 ground 1 AES P-0301H
TS1 terminal strips, pkg 5 5 lug 1 ground 1 AES P-0501H
TS1 terminal strips, pkg 5 8 lug 2 ground 1 AES P-0802H
W1 3 wire power cord your choice 1 wherever
W2 hookup wire selection, 3m custom 1 wherever
Total 40

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