The Net Barfs in the Face of That Giraffe's Lawyers


The ``Buzzards "R" Us'' group convinced Richard Feinberg to change the name of his company from ``Guns Are Us'' to ``Guns Are We'' and then to ``We Are Guns''. But they took him to court, anyway... AND LOST!!!!

As reported in the ``New York Law Journal'' on November 3, 1998 by Deborah Pines, Southern District Judge Allen G. Schwartz dismissed TRU's claims:

Judge Schwartz noted, among other things, that Mr. Feinberg's web address, does not use the toy store's trademark "R." He also noted that Mr. Feinberg's wares are far different than those of Toys 'R' Us and are mostly sold to sophisticated consumers -- firearms dealers -- over the Internet.
[Feinberg] estimated that the toy stores' lawyers submitted 1,500 pages of pleadings to the court to bolster their claim, while he submitted only about 20 pages. "I just answered their charges truthfully, in short sentences," he said.
"It is doubtful that prudent purchasers would be misled into thinking that Toys 'R' Us sponsored, approved, or endorsed defendant's firearm products, sold out of a small shop in Massachusetts and on his web site," Judge Schwartz wrote.
Go, Richard!

The Net Laughs in the Face of That Giraffe's Lawyers


was one of the first two sites that appeared as R-Us sites out of the blue in my inbox. The name and content has changed, but that is the nature of the Web.


was the other one. He's had to change the name back When he was using his web page to look for a job, and now he's completely redone it. But he still holds a place of honor.


is bound to have you rolling on the floor. Unless, of course, you are an attorney for Toys-R-Us. Chris Cheyney got this idea while talking to a lawyer friend!


may or may not have been a part of the Rebellion. I never did find out. But meanwhile, the Gireaffe-like monstrosity is spinning in his grave-to-be! (now inactive)

Cans R Us

is not a part of the Rebellion. But will the Evil Giraffe try to sue the homeless, and those trying to help them?

Russell R Us

is a part of the Rebellion, in more ways than just this. Russell believes you can't start thinking about marriage early enough. Check out his daughters. They're cute!


Like Tates-R-Us, a family-name-based vanity page. This name was definitely a part of the fight. !Viva la revolucion! And many thanks, Peter! (I don't know where the pages went, but they didn't leave because of a giraffe!)

Guns-R-Us: Firearms Resources

Another Chris Cheyney page, this one has attracted the evil eyeball of our least favorite georaffe.


A great quote-server site, with lots of built-in humor, and a wonderful little nose-thumbing at the humor-impaired ones. Be usre and check out the "Note" for TRU - there's a great graphic!


OK, so their site name is ``Professional Trademarks''. It's their domain name that we like!

Please send all sightings of non-sanctioned R-Us URLs to

Additionally, a surprising list of pre-extant ``R-Us'' sites was sent in by Killjoys R Us, to whom I send many thanks. If TRU plans to harass every ``R-Us'' out there, they might as well start hiring a lot more Legal Assault Giraffes, and raise their prices proportionally to pay for them all.

Other Heinous Trademark Violating Sites

Wendy's Homepage

Wendy's Homepage

Wendy's Dogs' Homepage

Wendy's Home page (especially this one)

Wendy's Home Page

Wendy's home page

Wendy's Web Page


Wendy's Page

Wendy's Home Page

These were just the ones I found in Lycos that actually said Wendy's whatever..

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