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Geoffrey's getting a wee bit goofy in his old age. Maybe his advisors are getting senile. Maybe they're on drugs (but do they inhale?) Many of his antics are reminiscent of The 3 Stooges. We love those guys on the screen, but do you want them running your business?

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The Salvation Army may be the latest victim of corporate giraffe stupidity. According to erstwhile reader Tom Becker,
``In Ventura, CA, Toys-r-us has banned the Salvation Army bell ringers from collecting funds in front of the Toys-R-Us store. I believe this ban is a nation wide ban.

TRU in a small minded gesture has given $50,000 to Salvation Army to placate the public. This paltry sum hardly makes up for the loss suffered by the Salvation Army since most individual branches collect about $30,000 each!

I suggest this story needs to be promoted and publicized. TRU strikes me as an arrogant, mean-spirited company with no sense of right and wrong.

  1. Most of us aren't quite sure what ``erstwhile'' is, but we always wanted to use that word, and we trust that Tom is one.

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Last updated: 25 October 2001

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