*PLONK* The Prehistory of talk.bizarre *PLONK*

Miles O'Neal, net.historian at XL

net.bizarre was a completely accidental byproduct of a new soft drink richard sexton was working on one night after sneaking into an X Industries laboratory.

It was basically highly carbonated toxic waste, just like most other soft drinks, but there was a unique flavor due to his tossing in a couple of guards he'd had to KO.

This happened in 1963, in mid-November. The first taste test was conducted in Dallas in a store in the Russian quarter. Crime rose in the area pretty dramatically, but thanks to one of sexton's secret ingerdients (later proven to be morphine), sales skyrocketed. Traces of sexie (as the soft drink was labeled) were found in Oswald's blood, but the coroner misread the data as caviar and high hematocrit.

mr x and bob tech cornered sexton, but when he offered 30% of the net, which would fund their labs, lifestyles, and lizzards for quite a while, everybody calmed down.

spaf swore he would never forgive sexton, but once things settled down, and spaf realized how much of the overall weirdness was diverted from other groups to net.bizarre, he relented, and made sexton a net.fellow.

daves 1-3, barry, and the IETF eventually had a special letter of commnendation drawn up by DARPA for sexton, but the day President Nixon was supposed to present it, three things happened:

  1. Ho Chi Minh was found lurking in n.b,
  2. sexton demanded the creation of several new hierarchies (such as sci and comp), each to intially contain a subgroup named bizarre,
  3. a flame war resulted from a crosspost between every extant group, which included Tricia Nixon (nee tr*sh)'s measurements, iq, and other highly classified information.
sexton went on the lam.
Dedicated to mcb@pleasca.Eng.Sun.COM, who asked, "Exactly WHO created NET.bizarre, and WHEN did he or she do it?"

Last updated: 27 Apr 1994

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