In Like Flynt

There is a certain amount of insider talk on teeDOTbee. Many newbies (perhaps yourself) have had their wee little minds thoroughly boggled by the lingo. I cannot tell you (I would have to kill you and myself) just how many times someone has written something like the following to me:

Dear Oldbie:

As you probably noticed by the doubling in news volume, I've recently discovered talk.bizzare. It's really been keen posting all my pent-up anger, angst, kewel jokes, and stuff, but somehow I still feel like an outsider. I'm sure you once felt that way.

Anyway, I've noticed an awful lot of words I don't understand, and I've looked in all the following places to no avail: Webster's, Strong's, The Jargon File,,, Roget's, Roger's, Bradshaw's... Can you help? Also, there's so many in jokes. I've read all the old posts I can get my hands on, thus dropping my GPA/getting fired/being {divorced,disowned,throttled}. Again, can you help?


J. Random Newbie

So, to keep my mailbox from being flooded, I've put together the TalK.BizZarE Jargon, In-joke, Insider Traiting, and Haiku Explanation page. Before you bother myself, mr. x, B1FF, or anyone else, read this first. It will save us lots of time.

If you still don't understand, perhaps you should try another froup, such as talk.newbies.faq. be sure to ask for Richard Sexton - he will set you straight faster than anyone else.

Hugs and Kisses,



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