WeB.biZZaRe Froup Page Disclaimer

talk.bizarre isn't always pretty.
It isn't always brutal.
It isn't always honest.
It isn't always entertaining.
It isn't always bizarre.
It isn't always... nice. [0]
It isn't even always stupid.
It isn't always mind-warping.
It isn't always hazardous to your health.
It isn't always dangerous to fascists.

But it sometimes is.

And it's also often obnoxious, sick, perverse, annoying, self-stupefying, and boring. It's been called "the cesspool of the net" [0, 1]. If you are easily offended, and proceed, then you probably will be offended. It will be your own fault. I don't offend easily, and there's certainly stuff in teeDOTbee that offends me, stuff that all by itself could cause the end of freedom of speech.

You have been warned

The inclusion of any page pointed to by this page in no way indicates that I, or anyone else, including in some case the page's owner, approves of it, condones it, or even thinks it exists. There is a lot of toxic waste on the Web (and on the net in general), and it's up to you to recognize and avoid it.



[0] At one time, the froup t.b.nice was created as a consequence of someone's whining (said person's name properly forgotten). The froup eventually died of hardened arteries because of inactivity. Alas, the one weird piece I wrote for it is trapped on an unreadable tape at home.

[0, 1] By me, for one.


Last updated: 22 May 1995

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