The teeDOTbee Community


talk.bizarre is a virtual community

Unlike other Usenet Newsgroups, the denizens here all know each other -- perhaps not in person, but definitely in spirit. This is not a ``bulletin board'' or a ``message area.''

We strive together to create something out of the ordinary, to express ourselves well, to create texts that defy mundanity and boggle the mind.

You can be part of our community. How:

  1. Read Before You Post. (We call this "Read Learn Evolve.")
  2. Never post non-bizarre things. (We call this: "Fail to Suck.")
  3. Keep postings short and well-written. (We call this: "Editing.")

That's IT?

That's it.

That's all you have to do.

Oh, Yeah.

Except for one thing, of course. You must report to reprogramming to have the Monty Python portion of your brain removed. We don't DO Python here.

Here is a handy list of some other things that are not considered bizarre:


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