Removal & Recycling


Who's Responsible?

In the USA, roadkill removal from public roads is usually handled by some division of the branch of the government responsible for the road where the roadkill is found. If the roadkill somehow ends up on your property, you may be responsible for its removal - almost certainly if the carcass is beyond the roadway of right of way, you are responsible.

(I welcome information or pointers to resources from other countries as to who is responsible for roadkill handling.)


Assuming it's not a protected species you'd better not be caught with, or some game animal out of season or for which you have no license, you can always just move it home (if necessary) and bury it (taking proper sanitary precautions), or haul it somewhere the smell won't bother anyone and let the vultures/coyotes/whatever have it. This is, after all, the norm. Of course, it doesn't work real well in cities or suburbs!

Removal vs Recycling

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