>Newsgroups: misc.jobs.offered,atl.jobs,talk.bizarre
>Subject: Urgent Job Openings - Support Our Military
>Date: 26 Dec 90 04:44:32 GMT
>Reply-To: roger@personel.rru.com
>Followup-To: rec.pets

Due to unforseen demand caused by the Mideast Crisis (DOD is a major customer), RRU has experienced a drastic shortage of traditional holiday desert ingredients.

Experienced gerbil-stompers needed immediately. $.01/gerbil plus all you can snack on. We supply the gerbils. 20% premium paid if you wear size 12E or larger "waffle stompers".

Openings for ferret-twaddlers, too.

Roadkills-R-Us is an Equal Opportunity Deployer. Hiring is not based on age, sex, race, religion, or whether you have AIX. No drug screen unless you have a past history of lapidary fungus.

Dr. Roger "Bunny" Carasso
Chief Personnel Officer
West Coast Raw Resources Division
Hollywood, CA

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