*SPLAT*Ed. note:This ad generated real (and suspected bogus) resumes from applicants.
>Newsgroups: misc.jobs.offered,atl.jobs,talk.bizarre
>Subject: Senior Visualization Engineer and Duster wanted in GA
>Keywords: must have strong anti-puke reflex
>Date: 3 Aug 90 04:48:26 GMT


Rewarding, challenging position with bleeding edge company in Atlanta area. Big bucks (salary open), stock, food coop, free parking, jail bonding, and many other benefits!

We recently landed the coveted DOT/HEW/DEA Eck-a-Sketch project.

We are looking for a senior visualization engineer to lead this high-tech project. It involves a GridPad, AI, object-oriented programming, X11, NeWS, internet protocols, RISC-based multiprocessors, and seventeen different languages. We prefer someone without a degree, with at least 10 years of X11. Knowledge of COBOL a minus.

Basically, before one of our Roadkill Removal Technicians bags anything from the pavement, a Lead Tech or Supervisor will be responsible for free-hand drawing the kill on a GridPad. The system will prompt for missing or vague information, and fill in the details itself. 3D wireframe models will be generated from the data at a later date for a federal study.

If this sounds like you, and you do windows (and dust), please send your resume in full confidence to:

World Headquarters
11501 Johnson Rd
Leander, TX
attn: Michelle Debinhex

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