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Name:Gloria Gladys Glasshead
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Committee on Migration

We currently have no migration problems. However, most non-cyber nations of the world have severe problems with people migrating in and out of their borders. To this end, they have developed a system of passports, customs, hunters, dogs, computers and taxes, in hopes that they can sustain the problems at levels which will ensure sufficient bureaucracy, graft, and power struggles.

The United States of Roadkills-R-Us is committed to preventing a repeat of this farce in cyberspace. To this end, this Committee is dedicated to the following goals:

  1. Any passport system will pay for itself, and only for itself.
  2. No customs service shall be created; the free intercourse of data is encouraged. Individuals, companies, organizations and other groups may decide for and between themselves the boundaries of such intercourse.
  3. The previous goals notwithstanding, Spam is not allowed, and is punishable by any means the recipient[s] may see fit, subject only to any boundaries set by the President. It is a this committee's intention to discourage the President from setting any such boundaries.

Migration by this committee shall be at the committee members' expense.

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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